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What is the purpose of a duvet?

A duvet is designed to keep the sleeper warm at night. As you sleep and your heart rate slows, so does your body temperature, meaning you need to stay warmer at night. Duvets come in an array of fabrics and thicknesses for a variety of temperatures. They work by trapping warm air under the duvet and keeping the air surrounding the body warmer than the outside air. Natural fillings such as Wool, Alpaca and Hungarian Down provide naturally comfortable sleep. Microfibre Polyester and other manmade fibres are like sleeping under plastic and are non-breathable, resulting in restless and broken sleep patterns.

What is the best type of fabric for a duvet cover to buy?

A duvet cover is the fabric shell that goes around the duvet. Egyptian cotton and cotton sateen weave is often thought of as the premium choice for duvet covers. You’ll want to look for a cover with a high thread count, and a soft and comfortable material such as cotton sateen. As for the duvet itself, this is the thick insulating layer blanket within. The premium choice of duvets is Hungarian Goose Down, ethically sourced for Eiderdown.

What is the best duvet for all year round?

Our Four Seasons duvets are made from two duvets. Combined summer and autumn-specific duvets create the perfect solution for cold winter nights. Simply take out either of the two duvets to create the perfect sleeping environment no matter the temperature. Our top choice is our Hungarian Goose Down Four Seasons duvet. An 80% Hungarian Goose Down duvet and a 50% Hungarian Goose Down make up this luxurious product for your bedroom.

What is the difference between a comforter and a duvet?

A comforter is simply one piece of material, whereas a duvet is made up of the duvet itself and should be placed in a duvet cover. This is more hygienic as you can remove and wash covers as frequently as you want.